OPN Participates In CR STEM Festival 2015

The practice of architecture is a holistic marriage of art and science, and the designers at OPN are committed to helping the next generation of innovators discover the impact of architecture on our everyday lives. This year’s STEM Festival was the perfect venue for our designers to promote the importance of STEM-based education in our community. Held at the OPN-designed Cedar Rapids Public Library, the event brought more than 1,000 individuals and 40-plus STEM companies to educate and inspire K-12 individuals. As champions of STEM opportunities and education, designers from OPN manned a booth with a 3D printer and architectural drawings. “This was a great opportunity to educate young minds about design from the inside out, and how the design of a building they frequent throughout their entire life engages every aspect of science, technology, engineering, and math,” said Mindy Sorg, associate at OPN and member of the CRPL design team. Next year’s event is scheduled to take place Tuesday, February 23 at CRPL.