Fire Logistics and Training Facility receives LEED Silver Certification

The Des Moines Fire Logistics and Training Facility has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification for new construction [LEED-NC 2009]. The 53,773 square foot building houses administration offices and training facilities for the city’s fire department.The new space also provides a maintenance shop and warehouse for fire trucks and ambulances. The design objective for this project was to create a flexible, functional public building with a life-span of 50 years with options for future expansion. The project has significantly improved the City of Des Moines’ ability to provide quality public safety services to the community.

Local issues of context, style, and image were taken into consideration in the design of the Fire Logistics and Training Facility. The team embraced a design philosophy that produces a wide range of responses and stresses aesthetic and functional appropriateness, while incorporating natural site responsiveness. The City of Des Moines demonstrated interest for the facility to be LEED certified prior to the selection of the architect. It was important for the Logistics and Training Facility to demonstrate principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability.

Currently, OPN Architects has over a dozen LEED certified projects completed, and more in the process of certification.