Hugh Soward Joins OPN in Cedar Rapids

Hugh Soward joins the Cedar Rapids office after spending summer in the Madison office upon completing his BSAS from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. While in Milwaukee, he worked at the grassroots level with underprivileged communities to encourage them to get involved in the design of their own lives. His experiences helped shape his belief that great design is not just for the affluent and has the power to uplift people’s perception of their lives.

He believes it is the responsibility of architects to design for everyone, which is why he’s excited to practice good architecture with OPN. The Peoria-area native is currently working on an exhibit with a former professor involving the study of bio-metrics and the effect of “the information age” on the built world, which opens late September in Milwaukee. When he has free time he enjoys cycling, writing music and going to shows, traveling, woodworking, and craft beer. His life motto: “play seriously.”