OPN Architectural Intern envisions Invisibility in the Information Age

Technology is the future. It will, and already does, affect work, home, and social lives. But at what cost?

As the world becomes more connected, and as information continues to become more readily available, privacy, anonymity, and security decrease.

This inverse relationship is the focus of the exhibition Invisibility in the Information Age that opened on Sept. 28 at the University of Wisconsin – Millwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning (UW-M SARUP) Gallery. From initial study and cataloging of bio-metric systems, to design and fabrication of prototypes, to animation, Hugh Soward, architectural intern at OPN in Cedar Rapids, assisted Antonio Furgiuele, adjunct assistant professor at UW-M SARUP, with the exhibit.

He explored the conceptual possibilities of invisibility in the information age as a response to increased concerns of privacy, anonymity, and security in society.

“The exhibit works at three scales: human, building, and global, though my focus has been mainly of the human scale implications of the research,” Hugh says.

The exhibition is on display through November 20, 2015. Dr. Furgiuele will present his research in a lecture Oct. 16, in the UW-M SARUP Lecture Hall.