Linn County Options Building Receives LEED Silver Certification

The Linn County Options Building has received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification for new construction [LEED-NC 2009]. The new 97,000 square foot facility replaces the departmental offices lost during the devastating flood of 2008 and brings together all of the community services departments under one roof. The design team utilized their knowledge on topics such as color theory, specialized lighting and disabled-friendly amenities to create a highly functional, efficient, durable and cost-effective building that all county residents would be proud to visit.

The design concept derived from a desire to create a modern and inspiring building without being ostentatious or institutional. Clean lines and white canvas were the perfect background to allow the design team to use color and material in carefully chosen locations to maximize the visual impact of the building while minimizing the cost. On the exterior, white metal panels contrasts with vibrant wood composite panels, providing a fresh and welcoming appearance.

Currently, OPN Architects has more than twenty-five LEED certified projects completed, and more in the process of certification.