OPN geared up for National Bike Month

OPN is geared up and ready to ride through the month of May.

Since 1956, the League of American Bicyclists has sponsored National Bike Month to showcase the benefits of bicycling and encourage more people to give biking a try. This year, the League’s goal is to enlist 100,000 riders to log 75,000,000 miles over the course of 31 days. Biking to work isn’t only just heart-healthy option: using just one gallon of gas in your car produces 20 pounds of CO2 emissions.

With more cities becoming bike friendly across the nation, the push to commute by bike is growing stronger. At OPN, we’re encouraging our employees in our Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Madison studios to ride through the month, be it commuting to the studio or heading out for a recreational ride. We’re tracking our miles and, at the end of the month, we’ll crunch the numbers to see how big a difference we’ve made.

To celebrate our official kick-off, here are a few fun facts about biking:

  • The Bike League assesses all 50 states and awards levels of bicycle friendliness, a status that lasts four years. Madison, Wisconsin, was awarded platinum, the highest ranking. Last year, our Madison studio had an 88% participation rate for Bike Week.
  • The OPN Des Moines studio is participating in the DSM Bike Collective Transportation Challenge, and started the month off in the top 10 of all participating workplaces.
  • The Greater Des Moines Area has more than 550 miles of existing hike and bike trails. Find trail maps here.
  • In the upper Midwest, 1,295 deaths are avoided annually due to automobile emissions reductions and the fitness benefits from biking.
  • The energy content of the gas used by the typical commuter each year is comparable to the energy used by his/her share of the building in which (s)he works.

At OPN, encouraging our employees to bike to work is just another way we support sustainable choices, both in our personal and professional lives. Supporting sustainability goes beyond designing green buildings. It’s also about cultivating a healthy culture for our employees.

Want to participate but can’t commit to a full month? No worries. The League celebrates Bike to Work Week May 16 to 20 and Bike to Work Day on May 20.

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