OPN Cedar Rapids Summer Interns Arrive

The Cedar Rapids studio welcomes a new group of talented interns this week.

Erica Frederiksen holds a B.S. in Interior Design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Erica was born in California and enjoys playing tennis, traveling the world, and watching movies.

Benjamin Bedell is starting his M.A. in Architecture this fall at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Ben was a two-time track champion in high school and can sing a song listing all of the elements in the periodic table.

Shraddhesh Anavkar is pursuing a B.A. in Architecture with a Sustainability and Digital Media minor at Iowa State University. Shraddhesh enjoys playing tennis and racquetball (or any other sport with a racket), eating Indian food, and the color orange!

Eric Neuhaus is currently pursuing his B.A. of Architecture at Iowa State University. When not hard at work, Eric enjoys spending time outside, eating ice cream or gelato (before it melts), and making the annual trip to the Indy 500 with his dad.

Frank Zimmerman is pursuing a M.A. in Architecture and M.A. in Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Frank grew up in Texas, went to high school and college in Massachusetts, worked in Washington DC, and currently attends grad school in Wisconsin. Frank also worked at a Bilbo Baggins-themed restaurant.

Marissa Swanson joins our intern squad with a B.A. in Architecture from Iowa State University. Marissa was born on Halloween, enjoys making amazing Halloween costumes, and is a self-certified cheese connoisseur.

From left: Erica Frederiksen, Benjamin Bedell, Shraddhesh Anavkar, Eric Neuhaus, Frank Zimmerman and Marissa Swanson