OPN Studios Participate in Bike To Work Challenge

Employees at all three OPN studios participated in this year’s Bike To Work Challenge. The week-long challenge encourages commuters to leave their cars in their garages and opt for the more eco-friendly option of biking to work. OPN as a whole rode or walked 245 miles, saved 12.2 gallons of gas, and avoided 245 pounds of CO2. The Madison studio took home the gold, with the most miles ridden at 166, best participation rate at 86 percent, and highest average miles ridden per rider at 27.6. In addition, the Madison studio came in second in the city-wide initiative, in which 14 other teams participated.

OPN Architects is dedicated to best sustainability practices to protect the health and longevity of our natural environment. We are proud our sustainable practices permeate to our employees. Congratulations to all who participated.