Rand Park Pavilion wins ASLA Merit Award

WINNER: ASLA Iowa 2012 Merit Award

Dedicated in 2009, the new Rand Park Pavilion and outdoor performance theater was the realization of the hard work and dedication of a steering committee led by Keokuk Mayor David Gudgel.

The pavilion and theater design take cues from ancient Greek theater elements including the orchestra (the dancing place), the theotron (the seeing place), the koilon (a natural hollow with sides reinforced with stone), the skene (meaning tent), where actors stored their masks and costumes and performed quick changes out of the site of the audience, and the porodos (long ramps).

Visible from most vantage points in the park, the pavilion and theater is approached from all sides by way of the winding roadway and walkway patterns in the park. Designed and graded to fit in a natural hollow at the base of a hill, the designer was able to balance the grading on the site by providing semicircular gradual grades on the theater slope while providing ADA access behind the pavilion. The sides of the theater are reinforced with limestone blocks that illuminate the ramp and serve as seating elements.

Landscape Architect, Kevin Conn, was honored to receive this award; the first ASLA Merit Award for OPN Architects. Kevin is originally from Keokuk, Iowa, and is proud of his contribution to the community.