State Hygienic Laboratory featured in Iowa Architect Magazine

The Fall 2012 issue of Iowa Architect Magazine featured the University of Iowa’s State Hygienic Laboratory, located in Coralville, Iowa. The 115,000 square foot facility was designed from the inside-out, with an emphasis on maximizing the efficiency of the laboratory space and on the functional arrangement and adjacencies of the biology and chemistry laboratories. These laboratories are primarily located on the second floor. Shared services, environmental labs, and administration, located on the first floor for entry and security purposes, follow the floor plate template established for the biology and chemistry laboratories on the second floor.

The building is designed to maximize the opportunity for natural daylight in the occupied laboratories and offices. Sun control will be provided on the south side of the building to minimize the amount of direct sunlight into the laboratories to maintain environmental control of those spaces. The building is oriented to minimize windows into laboratories on the east and west elevations.