Innovation is a choice.

OPN’s success is the result of a deliberate, sustained commitment to an open culture that nurtures excellence and ideas. We collaborate closely during planning and design phases in our office. We camp out in teaming rooms during intensive periods of research and design. We document our ideas with layers of trace paper, sticky notes, photos and boards. We workshop ideas together during weekly design critiques. We understand that physical space can foster or inhibit collaboration and innovation and we believe passionately that success lies in bringing people and perspectives together. We encourage open dialogue and as a team, we find the optimal design solution for our clients.

Work hard. Play hard.

OPN brings together a diverse group of smart, creative designers, thinkers and planners. People at OPN believe in the importance of doing what you love, doing it well, and having fun along the way. OPN is a truly open design studio and we seek diversity in both our people and our projects. We welcome variety for its capacity to inform our work and broaden our understanding of the world. As a studio we make time to have fun with each other. Regular lunches, wellness challenges, athletic leagues, parties and retreats keep our team in sync. Our annual retreats are a mix of strategic updates, architectural appreciation, mixing and mingling. Our recent retreat in Chicago featured a stay at the Aqua Tower, meetings with some of our Chicago collaborators, and an unforgettable dance party.

Give Back.

At the center of our core values is our shared commitment to community involvement. From pro-bono projects that benefit our community to office-wide participation in Habitat for Humanity, Canstruction, various run / walks and community events, OPN gets involved. Our designers serve on boards and committees for national and state-level professional organizations and have been recognized for their advocacy in the architectural community. Notably, in 2012 Katie Harms, was recognized by the American Institute of Architects with an AIA Young Architect Award for her outstanding professional service and leadership.