OPN was founded in 1979 and is led by Principals Daniel Thies, Steven Knierim, Bradd Brown, Terry Gebard, David Sorg, Roger Worm, Richard Seely and Wesley Reynolds and Associate Principals Danielle Hermann and Justin Bishop. OPN is a regional, knowledge-based design firm, comprised of 100+ talented individuals engaged in open collaboration. Our practice is built upon strong relationships—with our clients and each other—and a commitment to doing what we say we’ll do. As a firm we are committed to the highest standards of professional practice and we enjoy the process and results of creating architecture that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Roger Worm
David Sorg
Terry Gebard
Steve Knierim
Landon Burg
Chris Carotta
Denise Clark
Nick DeCarlo
Joe Feldmann
Stacey Hanley
Elisha Horsfall
Kristin Hurt
Vicki Hyland
Tabatha Janak
Emily Kistner
Toby Olsen
Joe Tursi
Joe Wallace
Veronica Worley
Scott Allen
Beth Riesberg
Scott Johnson
Holden Rasmussen
Angela Gehl
Jarrod Siegel
Ryan Ellsworth
Pylar Eaton
Alex Streyffeler
Eli Goll
Vickie Choate
Hugh Soward
Jen Wasek
Annie Vo
Carly Weber
Paul Desmond
Kristi Miller
Jordan Trannel
Steve Miller
Jim Miller